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Different Stages of Accessibility
Preventing falls is not an uncommon plight in your house. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that injuries caused by trips are climbing at an enormous rate and the fact is, many of these trips and falls are caused by preventable circumstances.

To reduce the probability of such injuries and potential deaths, some basic precautions can be taken in and out of the home.

TRIPS: Many trips and falls are caused by small, preventable items in the home that rate, in most cases, simply overlooked. A thorough walk through the home may reveal such items. Throw rugs can be a cause for a trip or fall because many removable rugs can easily slide on a hard surface, or can ball up and create a trip hazard. Electrical cords that are strung across a walking path, or that run along the wall unsecured, can also create a hazard. Eliminating these few items can significantly reduce the number of fall and trip hazards in a home.

FALLS: Two common places for falls are in the bathroom and the bedroom. Bathroom falls can occur in several different areas tub or shower (tripping and falling) getting on and off the toilet, drying off or dressing. Bedroom falls often occur while getting in and out of bed, dressing or reaching for something in a closet or dresser drawer. Having sufficient grasping surfaces in the bathroom can aid in preventing falls. In the bedroom, having sufficient support next to the bed can also help to dramatically reduce falls.

Evaluation: Evaluate the entire home. Too often, even an awareness of the potential for trips and falls, as well as preparation for aging at home, is incomplete because of an inability to identify all of the common hazards. Worksheets or checklists can often help to completely evaluate a home.

Risks: Many trips and falls are caused by external areas of egress in and out of the home. Even in the nicest of weather conditions, the threshold and stairs of house can pose tripping hazards coming or going and many cause a fall. Products designed to reduce the trips on steps can very much assist in eliminating falls in a home.

Expect: As baby boomers age, few like to truly admit that they are getting older and are starting to lose mobility. Studies show, however that though aging can increase the risk of trips and falls, these occurrences can affect anyone at any age and ability.

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